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I normally use coconut oil after my shower, but when my skin is severely dry I will use a combination of both coconut oil and shea butter. You can also use any favorite skin lotion, but keep it unscented if you plan on wearing perfume. After you have moisturized, it is time to apply your favorite perfume. Choose a scent that reflects the kind of night you want to have. I tend to lean towards the Christian Dior Poison collection for evenings and nights and I like Coach Poppy for daytime events.

Apply your favorite perfume directly onto your skin and use only one to two sprays. You want to intrigue him, not choke him. If it is going to be a hot date, you may as well help yourself to feeling super hot by putting on a sexy lingerie set. You know the one I am talking about. You have it hidden in the back of your drawer because you have been saving it for just the right occasion. It is time to get it out and put it on. Even if you are not planning on bringing him back to your place for some one-on-one time, just wearing the lingerie will make you feel wonderful.

Dress to impress him. You want to look seductive and inviting, but not cheap and trashy. Wear clothes that fit you properly and avoid stuff that is too baggy or too tight. Top off your outfit with a pair of high heels. Heels make your legs look beautifully long and help accentuate your butt.

Yes, it really is the most important meal of the day, especially when you plan on having a super hot date later that night. Eat lots of fresh fruits for breakfast. Avoid carbs, such as pasta, breads, and rice. Carbs will make you feel bloated and that is the last thing you need to worry about today. Finally, avoid stinky and spicy foods before and during your date.

Stay away from onions and garlic unless smelling like a compost heap is a turn on for him. The last thing you want to do is show him right off the bat that you are a house slob. As soon as you get up in the morning and have breakfast, start cleaning up your house or apartment. Organize your stuff and tuck those tampons in the back shelf. You should also take the time to remove any reminders of a previous boyfriend. Nothing will make your new man more uncomfortable than having to stare at a picture of you and your ex looking happy together.

Since you are hoping that the date will end back at your place, make a quick run to the grocery store. Grab a bunch of snacks, too, while you are there for those after sex munchies. You can also make a quick booze stop for a favorite wine, beer, or hard liquor. Heaven forbid you and your new man get back to your bedroom and in the midst of some heavy petting discover that you both forgot the condoms.

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He may be hot right now, but the relationship is still too new to know if he really is the one you want for life. Good music can make all the difference between a lame night in bed and an unforgettable romp in the sack. It helps if you already have a clue as to what kind of music he likes. If not, go with your instinct and create a playlist for back in the bedroom. Remember, music helps set the mood. You are going on a date, not a Halloween parade. Keep your makeup toned down and natural. Avoid the heavy stuff and only wear waterproof mascara to prevent raccoon eyes.

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Keep the blush light and your eyes smokey. Check your fingernails while you are at it and repair any chips. You want to look touchable tonight. While your hopes are high that this will be the most awesome date in the history of womankind, there is always the chance that the date will fizzle out. Set up a backup plan in case you want to leave the date early or on your own.

If he is picking you up in his car, carry extra money for cab fare in your purse in case you need a ride home. For safety, tell someone where you are going and who you are going with. This can be a friend or a family member. If something goes wrong, you can contact them for help. Throughout the day, do some catching up on local news, world events, and read up on some interesting facts on something you enjoy. This gives you something to talk about when you are on your date.

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If he brings up a world event, you want to show him that you can carry an intelligent conversation about something other than what is related to your work. Before you head out the door, give yourself a quick pep talk.

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You are probably all nerves at this point, but if you did everything on this list, you have no need to worry. Your date is going to be as great as it possibly can be and you and your new man are more than likely going to hit it off. Take a few deep breaths and head out of the door. Above all else, have fun on your date because if you are not having fun then what is the point of it all? Flirt with him and make a lot of eye contact. Come up with your own suggestions and stop being so nervous because, in all honesty, he is probably just as excited and nervous as you are.

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We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. The more we rely on the Internet to date for us, the harder it is to really connect with someone. Since when was the most romantic thing in the world a phone call, or a night outside drinking and talking without phones? When people think hookups are the standard and dates are the exception everything seems ambiguous at the beginning.

You have so much to give. You know you have so much to give. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Why is this so accurate.

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All i want is to be in a happy, uncondutional, commited relationship where we say all the meaningful, heartfelt things in a room alone — just enjoying eachothers company. Like i dont want to write it all in a 10 paragraph Facebook status for everyone to see, as it looses meaning and becomes so much less intimate.

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